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        Team scores ONLY
 Sat 8th  P+P   Home                  
 Thur 13th  VMMT  Vince Mapley Memorial Trophy Home  Neilsen                
 Fri 14th  NT  Plymouth 'Devils' Away  L 35-53  BW 8  TG 0 inj  JC 12  CW 4  RS 8+1  JS 3  RM 0  - - -
 Thur 20th  BWC  Weymouth 'Wildcats'
 (Bryn Williams Celebration Meeting)
Home  D 45-45  BW 10+1  BHg 10+1  JC 9  CW 4  NG 10+2  RM 2  JS 0  JB 0
 Thur 27th  KOC  Plymouth 'Devils' Home  L 43-47  BW 13  TG RR  JC 10  CW 7+2  NG 9+1  JS 3  ASg 1+1  RW 0
 Fri 28th  KOC  Plymouth 'Devils' Away  L 38-51  BW 6+1  TG RR  JC 11  CW 7+1  NG 10  JS 1+1  SBg 1  CNg 2


 Thur 4th  NT  Swindon 'Sprockets' Home L 43-47  BW 12+2  TG 0  JC 9  CW 6+3  NG 13+1  JS 2  RM 1  
 Thur 11th  NL  Lakeside 'Hammers' Home  W 49-41  BW 9  TG RR  JC 13+1  CW 6+1  LCg 4  JS 6+2  AS 1  JB dnr
 Thur 18th  NL  Cradley 'Heathens' Home Abandoned 12-17  BW 0  TG RR  JC 4+1  CW 2  LPg 2  JS 1+1  BW 3+1 JB dnr
 Thur 25th  -  NO MEETING Home                  
 Thur 25th  NT  Swindon 'Sprockets' Away  L 41-49  BW 0  TG RR  JC 10  CW 2+1  NG 13  JS 3+1  BWg 13  
 Sun 28th  NL  Buxton 'Hitmen' Away                  
 Mon 29th  NL  Birmingham 'Brummies' Away                  


 Thur 1st  NT  Plymouth 'Devils' Home                  
 Tue 6th  NL  Belle Vue 'Colts' Home                  
 Fri 9th  NL  King's Lynn 'Young Stars' Away                  
 Tue 13th  NL  Birmingham 'Brummies' Home                  
 Thur 15th    NO MEETING Home                  
 Fri 16th  NL  Belle Vue 'Colts' Away                  
 Sun 18th 3pm  NL  Mildenhall 'Fen Tigers' Away                  
 Thur 22nd  NL  Kent 'Kings' Home                  
 Fri 23rd  NL  Plymouth 'Devils' Away                  
 Sun 25th  NL  Lakeside 'Hammers' Away                  
 Tue 27th  CH  Team USA Young Guns Home                  


 Mon 3rd  NL  Kent 'Kings' Away                  
 Thur 6th    Open TBC Home                  
 Fri 7th  CH  Exeter 'Falcons (Somerset Speedway)
 Solent Trophy
 Thur 13th  NL  King's Lynn 'Young Stars' Home                  
 Thur 20th  CGBP  Cobra Garage Mahal Best Pairs Home                  
 Thur 27th  NL  Stoke 'Potters' Home                  
 Sat 29th  NL  Eastbourne 'Eagles' Away                  


 Thur 3rd  NL  Buxton 'Hitmen' Home                  
 Tue 8th    RESERVED Home                  
 Wed 9th  NL  Cradley 'Heathens' Away                  
 Thur 10th    NO MEETING Home                  
 Thur 17th  NL  Plymouth 'Devils' Home                  
 Tue 22nd  CH  Exeter 'Falcons' Solent Trophy Home                  
 Thur 24th    NO MEETING Home                  
 Sat 26th  NL  Stoke 'Potters' Away                  
 Thur 31st  NL  Eastbourne 'Eagles' Home                  


 Thur 7th  NL  Mildenhall 'Fen Tigers' Home                  
 Thur 14th    RESERVED Home                  
 Thur 21st    RESERVED Home                  
 Sun 24th  NLRC  National League Riders Championship
 at Leicester Speedway
 Thur 28th    RESERVED Home                  


 Thur 5th    RESERVED Home                  



Travel Plus National League

JC James Cockle                
  NLT National League Trophy CW Chris Widman                
  NLKOC National League Knock Out Cup BW Ben Wilson                
  NLP National League Pairs TG Tyler Govier                
  NLRC National League Riders Championship NG Nathan Greaves                
  4TT Four Team Tournament JS Jamie Sealey                
  CH Challenge RM Rik Mullins                
  ST Solent Trophy JB Jamie Bursill                
  ILC Inter League Challenge G Guest                
  VMMT The Vince Mapley Memorial Trophy RR Rider Replacement                
  BWC Bryn Williams Celebration Meeting
RW Rob Watts                
  CGBP Cobra Garage Best Pairs AS  Alex Spooner                
  P+P Press and Practice                    
  NO No Meeting                    
   Guest Riders                    
   Rob Shuttleworth, Ben Hopwood, Alex Spooner, Saul Bulley, Craig Nethercott, Liam Carr, Lee Payne, Ben Woodhull,