Full Name: Benjamin Ryan Wilson

Date of Birth: 15/03/1986

Place of Birth: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Height: 5 foot 10

Weight: 72kg

Eye Colour: Hazel/brown

First Job: Speedway rider

First Love: My first motocycle

Lives: Sheffield

Pets: No

Favourite Food: Curry

Worst Food: Pudding

Favourite Drink: JD & coke and a lot of tea

Favourite Film: City of God, Fight Club

Favourite Colour: Black, grey, flourescent yellow

Current Club(s): Isle Of Wight Warriors 2017

Previous Clubs:

  • (2001-02) Sheffield II
  • (2003) Sheffield, Sheffield II, Buxton
  • (2004) Sheffield, Sheffield II, Carmarthen
  • (2005) Sheffield
  • (2006) Sheffield, Wolverhampton
  • (2007) Sheffield, Belle Vue
  • (2008) Sheffield
  • (2009) Redcar, Poole
  • (2010) Redcar, Stoke
  • (2011) Scunthorpe
  • (2014) Sheffield, Stoke
  • (2015) Scunthorpe
  • (2016) Stoke

Contracted to: Sheffield Speedway

First Started Speedway: Sheffield training school

Started Speedway aged: 11

Machinery: 2 track plus frame kits 2 GM engines N.E.B clutches talon wheels blitz carbs

Mechanics: Squidge

Hours in workshop: Too many

Transport: VW transporter

Favourite Track(s): Sheffield

Worst Track: Don't really have one but if I have to choose one where I've had a lot of ups and downs its Edinburgh

Most Respected Riders: Andre Compton, Simon stead and James Birkenshaw are the ones that stand out to me but all in all I respect all riders on and off the track

Favourite Rider: Too many to mention but the one that tops them all is Tony Richardson. That man is a legend!!!

Main Influence: Grandparents

Best Meeting: There's been so many over the years, one that stands out is when I became British U21 champion



  • British Under-21 Champion: 2006


  • League Championship winner: 2001 (Sheffield II)
  • Pairs Championship winner: 2014 (Stoke)

Worst Injury: Broken pelvis

Hobbies: Out with my mates snowboarding, wakeboarding and anything with two wheels and a throttle

How do you relax?: Sit in the sun feet up music on, JD & coke in hand and think life's great haha doesn't happen often, would like to do a lot more of this..!

Phobias: no

Are you superstitious?: Yeah with magpies I always salute 1 magpie

What do you wish for in life?: Time machine



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Facebook: benwilsonracing

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