Full Name: Chris David Widman

Nickname: Widders

Date of Birth: 25th March 1990

Place of Birth: Loughorough, Leicester

Height: 5'11

Weight: 14 stone

Eye Colour: Brown

First Job: Butcher

First Love: Speedway

Lives: Loughorough

Pets: 2 dogs

Favourite Food: Nandos

Worst Food: Cold meat except pork

Favourite Drink: Coffee

Favourite Film: Grimsby

Favourite Colour: Blue

Current Club(s): Isle Of Wight Warriors 2017

Previous Clubs:

  • 2005 - Scunthorpe Saints
  • 2008 - Boston Barracudas
  • 2009-10 - King's Lynn Young Stars
  • 2011 - Belle Vue Colts
  • 2012 - Buxton Hitmen
  • 2013 - King's Lynn Young Stars
  • 2014-15 - Stoke Potters
  • 2016 - Isle Of Wight Warriors, Mildenhall Fen Tigers, Stoke Potters

Contracted to:

First Started Speedway: Sheffield Training Track

Started Speedway aged: 10 ((first ride with Ben Wilson)

Machinery: 2 Jawa engines with JHR frames

Mechanics: Scott Gutteridge, Stephen Widman my dad

Hours in workshop: As many as I can

Transport: Seat Alhambra

Favourite Track(s): Isle Of Wight

Worst Track: Don't have one

Most Respected Riders: Anyone who I can have a safe and close race with

Favourite Current Rider: Don't have one

Favourite Former Rider: Don't have one

Main Influence: My dad

Best Meeting:

  • Stoke v Kent (paid max and nominated for bronze helmet race)
  • Buxton v Stoke (paid max only a couple of weeks before the next max)
  • Mildenhall v Isle Of Wight Knockout Cup Semi-Final 2013 (paid 11 to help get to the final)


  • National Trophy Winner 2013 (Isle of Wight)


  • 3rd place in Laurels Kent


  • Conference Trophy and Knockout Cup runner up 2008
  • Play off either Semi-Final or Final 2011
  • Play off Final Knockout Cup Final 2013

Worst Injury: Ruptured spleen

Hobbies: Snooker and running

How do you relax?: Watch a bit of tele

Phobias: Heights, rollercoasters

Are you superstitious?: Yes, never predict what my score is going to be

What do you wish for in life?: Happiness good health and success



Twitter: @ChrisWidman

Facebook: chriswidmanracing

Riders Channel: Speedway  Portal