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Full Name: Nathan Robert Greaves


Date of Birth: 24th February 1998

Place of Birth: Sheffield

Height: 5ft 7 inches

Weight: Was 76kg now 73kg and im going to be 69kg when the season stars

Eye Colour: Blue

First Job: Speedway

First Love: Winning

Lives: Chesterfield

Pets: Cat called Pepsi

Favourite Food: Tuna/Meat

Worst Food: Sprouts, same as everyone right?

Favourite Drink: Water

Favourite Film: Rocky, Fast and Furious, or Pirates Of The Carribean

Favourite Colour: Black

Current Club(s): Isle Of Wight Warriors, Wolverhampton Wolves 2017

Previous Clubs:

  • Swindon Robins
  • Workington Comets
  • Sheffield Tigers
  • Cradley Heathens
  • Kings Lynn Young Stars

Contracted to: No one

First Started Speedway: Scunthorpe

Started Speedway aged: 9

Machinery: GTR Engine, JAWA Frame, NEB Clutch

Mechanics: Dad

Hours in workshop: During the season I basically live there

Transport: Vauxhall Vivaro Crew Cab

Favourite Track(s): Kings Lynn

Worst Track: Kent

Most Respected Riders: Greg Hancock

Favourite Current Rider: Emil Sayfutdinov

Favourite Former Rider:

Main Influence: Anyone who is successful

Best Meeting: When I won my first ever Sky Sports Race for Swindon on someone else’s bike, or when I was double British Under 16 Champion



  • British 250cc Champion: 2011, 2012.
  • British 500cc Champion: 2012, 2013.


  • League Championship winner: 2013 Dudley, 2014 Cradley.
  • Knock-Out Cup winner: 2013 Dudley, 2014 Cradley.
  • National Shield winner: 2013 Dudley.
  • Four-Team Championship winner: 2014 Cradley.

Worst Injury: Snapped tibia and fibula

Hobbies: Gym, football, table tennis, any sports really

How do you relax?: Holiday

Phobias: Don’t really have any but i'm not a fan of spiders

Are you superstitious?: No

What do you wish for in life?: Happiness




Facebook: nathan.greaves.33

Riders Channel: Speedway  Portal