Brendan Johnson
Full Name: Brendan David Johnson

Nickname: Monkeyboy

Date of Birth: 4th June 1992

Place of Birth: Poole, Dorset

Height: 5ft 7in

Weight: 11.5 stone

Eye Colour: Brown

First Job: Hydraulics

First Love: Manchester United

Lives: Poole, Dorset

Pets: Springer spaniel called Alfie

Favourite Food: Chicken and CousCous

Worst Food: Tomatoes

Favourite Drink: Out of season - JD and Coke and in season - Blackcurrant and Lemonade

Favourite Film: Any Adam Sandler films

Favourite Colour: Orange

Current Club(s): Isle Of Wight Warriors 2016

Previous Clubs:

  • 2015 - Rye House 'Raiders' (NL)
  • 2014 - Poole 'Pirates' (EL) - Mildenhall 'Fen Tigers' (NL)
  • 2013 - Isle of Wight 'Islanders' (NL) - Coventry 'Storm' (NL)
  • 2012 - King's Lynn 'Young Stars' (NL)
  • 2011 - Newport 'Hornets' (NL), Dudley 'Heathens' (NL) and Isle of Wight 'Islanders' (NL)
  • 2010 - Isle of Wight 'Islanders' (NL) and Weymouth 'Wildcats' (NL)
  • 2009 - Somerset 'Rebels' (PL), Isle of Wight 'Islanders' (NL)
  • 2008 - Weymouth 'Wildcats' (CL)
  • 2007 - Oxford 'Cheetahs' (CL)

Contracted to: Mildenhall 'Fen Tigers'

First Started Speedway: Eastbourne Training Track

Started Speedway aged: 13

Machinery: Stuha Frames, RNR (Ricky Neale Engines)

Mechanic(s): Dave Johnson (Big Dave) and Ryan Cooper

Hours in workshop: On average 5 hours per day

Transport: Mercedes VITO

Favourite Track(s): Swindon

Worst Track: Lakeside

Most Respected Riders: All Riders

Favourite Current Rider: Nicki Pedersen

Favourite Former Rider:

Main Influence: My nan Mary who always supported me

Best Meeting: British Under 19's Final at Somerset Speedway



  • 2010 - French Open Champion and Under 19's British Champion
  • 2009 - Under 21 World Team Cup Semi-Final Squad
  • 2008 - British Under 21 Finalist


  • 2014 (Mildenhall) National Trophy Winner
  • 2008 (Weymouth) Four-Team Championship Winner and League Championship Winner

Worst Injury: Head injury and collapsed lungs

Hobbies: Football, Gym, PS4

How do you relax?: Spending time with my family and friends. Watching and playing football. Playing PS4, watching TV and movies.

Phobias: Heights

Are you superstitious?: Yes, very

What do you wish for in life?: To stay healthy, keep travelling and to have a family one day.



Twitter: @BDJRacing13