My First Skid evolved from the very successful Two Fat Submariners speedway schools which supported the charity year of Steve Mills and Barry Bishop. The MFS schools were so different and so well supported that it was requested that we continued them after the charity year had finished.

Focussing on tuition and track time, My First Skid gives the opportunity for speedway riders, fans and those who have always wanted to try their hand on a speedway bike the opportunity to do so in a safe, enthusiastic and friendly environment. The school is open for anyone that can balance on a bike and is inclusive because we want you to come to us and try our sport for the first time or live the dream. We will be offering ladies only schools, under 16's and men over 40's, as well as a selection of mixed events.

The schools management and instructing team is made up of Barry Bishop and Martin Widman, and many other helpers who all make the days such an experience. During your day with us we provide all of the kit and have bikes that include 90cc, 125s, 140s, 250s, 350s, and 500s that enable us to make sure you get the most from your day with us.

Those who already have their own kit can also come to the school and academy which will provide a higher level of training including many aspects of speedway both on and off the track. We will also have engine sessions when we will instruct students on engine technology and setups.

Andrew Perring: Our Chief Mechanic started going to speedway in Oxford during the late 70's with his whole family who were Cheetah's fans. This lead to him starting to race grass track through the 80's as a junior, qualifying for the British championships and best pairs. After serving 10 years in the army, Andy went into project development and engineering, whilst still keeping in touch with speedway by sponsoring and becoming a mechanic. Andy now owns BACK ON TRACK, an enduro/mx spares business and has came on board with the Warriors and My First Skid as sponsor and Chief Mechanic.

Gary Ball: Our Rider Trainer has been involved with speedway for over 25 years. Firstly as an amateur grass track and speedway rider where he met Barry Bishop, and more recently as a mechanic for Paul Starke in the Premier and Elite league. He currently runs a speedway spares company and is also the European distributor for Point-Two air jackets which also has its place in speedway. Gary will also have his spares van at Somerset Speedway this season. Gary is looking forward to helping riders with different levels of ability at the My First Skid School and will be working behind the scenes on the set up and maintenance of the schools bikes with Andy Perring.

Promote it, support it, do it, My First Skid, Speedway for All and part of the Wight Warriors group.

So what are you waiting for? You can book by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with My First Skid in the topic line for more details.

barry bishop300BARRY BISHOPSchool Director
andyperring300ANDREW PERRING Chief Mechanic
gary ball300GARY BALL Rider Trainer

These fun packed experiences start

with rider briefing at 6:15pm

and on track from 6:30pm

until 9:15pm

If you want to book in or use a voucher

please email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bike hire and kit

Kids £30

Kids on adult bikes £50

Adults £75

With your own bikes and kit

16 and under £15

Adult £25





To book your tickets with WIGHTLINK to gain an Exclusive Warriors A 20% discount off for My First Skid Training Schools.

Valid for trips between 02.04.17 - 03.10.17

For My First Skid Training School please use code MP17WWCTD


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