WightLink Warriors

Connor Sangster
Full Name: Chad Dylan Wirtzfeld


Date of Birth: 21st August 2003

Place of Birth: Poole, Dorset

Height: 5ft 2

Eye Colour: Browny/green

School: The Blandford School

Favourite lesson: PE

Lives: Blandford

Pets: none

Favourite Food: Pizza and apples

Worst Food: Croissants (!)

Favourite Drink: Water

Favourite Film: Fast and Furious 7

Favourite Colour: Blue

First Started Speedway: 2009

Started Speedway aged: 6

Machinery: Jawa 250

Mechanics: Dad and Mike Read, Ricky Neale and Andrew Appleton

Transport: Mercedes Sprinter and Vito

Favourite Track(s): Isle of Wight and Osnabruck, I prefer the big tracks

Most Respected Riders: Simon wigg, Martin Dugard and Darcy Ward

Favourite Current Rider: Andrew Appleton and Jason Doyle

Main Influence: My family

Hobbies: I do speedway, grasstrack, pit  biking and longtrack so not much free time

How do you relax?: Xbox

Phobias: Dark

Are you superstitious?: Yes, I have an order to get ready for a race

What do you wish for in life?: To the best that I can be