WightLink Warriors

Connor Sangster
Full Name: Connor Aiden Sangster


Date of Birth: 30th March 2006

Place of Birth: Newport, Isle of Wight

Height: 1.4m

Eye Colour: Blue

School: Dover Park School

Favourite lesson: PE

Lives: Ryde

Pets: none

Favourite Food: Pasta

Worst Food: Water Melon

Favourite Drink: Mango

Favourite Film: Fast and Furious

Favourite Colour: Pink

First Started Speedway: October 2016

Started Speedway aged: 10

Machinery: PW 50

Mechanics: Martin Bell

Transport: Nanny

Favourite Track(s): Smallbrook

Most Respected Riders: James Cockle and Nathan Stoneman

Favourite Current Rider: James Cockle

Main Influence: James Cockle

Hobbies: Football

How do you relax?: Football

Phobias: None

Are you superstitious?: No

What do you wish for in life?: To be a speedway rider